This website is a homage to my father, professor of medicine Gerhard Volkheimer (†), and to my uncle, professor of natural sciences Wolfgang Volkheimer (†).

Both of them were recognized as outstanding and highly successful scientists who influenced the generations that followed them through their work and their discoveries. They actively taught and conducted research over many decades, continuing their scientific research and practice into a very advanced age.

Both my father and my uncle guided and inspired me as role models.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank them and to honor their life’s work by helping make that work accessible to interested readers.

Dr. Christiane Volkheimer

More about the scientifically oriented family

The Family

Prof. Dr.

Gerhard Volkheimer

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Volkheimer

Over a period of almost twenty years (1948–1967), Gerhard Volkheimer rendered outstanding service to gastroenterological research at Berlin’s Humboldt University. Gerhard Volkheimer’s scientific work focused on the small intestine – together with his team, he conducted extensive research on persorption at the Faculty of Medicine of the Charité.

Prof. Dr.

Wolfgang Volkheimer

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Volkheimer

Wolfgang Volkheimer spent many decades researching as a geologist and paleontologist in his beloved adopted home of Argentina, contributing significantly to the development of both disciplines, especially as they related to research in Argentina.


Christiane Volkheimer

Dr. Christiane Volkheimer

Her courageous willingness to drive change, to create new ideas and to pass on knowledge led her on to move from Düsseldorf to Leipzig to practice as a radiologist. She was determined to contribute to the spirit of Aufbau Ost, to pass on her experience and knowledge in the field of diagnostic radiology, in practice management and to help set up medical infrastructure in the east of the country.